• Thu. May 30th, 2024

Rajeshwari Semwal

Teacher || Social Activist || Woman Empowerment

About Us

Everyone in dis world has taken birth for some or the other reason…i have born not 2 serve any caste, colour, religion or sex, rather i have born 2 serve my nation as whole, 2 serve evry1 who is needy..my aim is 2 educate those who actually r suffering becz of illitracy..coz m a teacher n its my duty and my aim 2 take our nation 2 new heights.. MY ACHIEVEMENTS– * MY students whom i hav taught are v.successful in their respective fields n r producing productive results..n i feel v.proud of them coz nw also wherevr they meet me..they greet me wid d same respect which they had for me years back..m proud of u guys.. *Every citizen should contribute 2wards d country’s development wid d strenth 2 sacrifice and surrender n d source of inspiration in dis regard is my father, n mu husband…he is in police department where there is no time for ur job..i.e. no rest 24 hrs..alert.. * My self created organization…”UTTARAKHAND SANRIDH SUDHAR SAMITI” with aim of my organization dat wherever u go just do ur best 2 improve everything around u.. * make each person unsatnd his or her value individually.. *alwz try 2 tackle every problem wid a smile, coz if u will have patience evry problem will set right..if u panic,the things which can be improve will become worse.. *alwaz hav an aim in life which give u inspiration 2 struggle n reach ur goal. PZZ support us in our organization coz it is for improvement of mankind.. *wid d help of my organizations i hav achive award for best educatin provider in my divison. * in tehri mahotsav awarded by MLA Mr. Vijay Bahuguna * My book “HUMARE PRERAK DHONI MAAHI” is one of my greatest achivement. * my other books r ” jeevan kya hai”, panchayti raaj mei mahilayen” * got a big opportunity 2 write BIOGRAPHY OF MR. RAMESH POKHARIYAL NISHANK CHIEF MINISTER OF UTTARAKHAND.. * m a writer, teacher, poet, and guide..wid d thots of simple living n high thinking..

Favourite Quotes

*Try to improve upon ur mistakes consistently.. *dnt ever panic coz of ur enemies…just try 2 absorb their strength..and become more sensible and powerful than u were b4.. *Alwaz b emotionally STABLE, coz only 2 types of people can neither learn anything n nor they can change their thoughts..n these r fools n dead.. *Accept ur failure and start working wid more strength n focus…coz only a defeated person understand d value of success..

By Rajeshwari Semwal